Matthew W. Chun

Matthew W. Chun

Product Manager at Hulu, Disney+, and Star+

Past Projects


EasyMath - AR Math Education Platform

Built a 3D augmented reality graphing math education platform for the Magic Leap. Featured in Geekwire.


Designated Market Area (DMA) to Value Visualization

D3 visualization to show the relationship between Designated Market Area (DMA) and value.

Insta-Message Project

Nexus UW - Consulting Projects

As President of Nexus UW, I led a team of 5 officers and strategically pivoted the direction of the club. Now, each academic quarter, Nexus UW helps Seattle non-profits that can't afford to develop software or provide data analytical insights by connecting them with students eager to apply the skills they gained in the classroom. I led the officer team through the inaugural project to source a non-profit software project, recruit over 30 UW students in 3 weeks to interview down to 9 UW students (4 developers, 5 designers), and support the successful development of the project. My officer team also secured two project managers to mentor the students and lead the day-to-day operations of the project. To ensure future Nexus UW officer teams can continue lead quarterly projects, I led the officer team to create process documents. Learn more about the project here!

Vega-Lite Boxplot

Vega-Lite - Boxplot

Designed and developed the boxplot composite mark in the open-source declarative data visualization grammar, vega-lite.

Bike Sharing Programs

Bike Sharing Programs - Data Visualization Project

I worked as the PM of a team of two developers and one designer to build an interactive narrative webpage to explore bike sharing usage patterns through a series of data visualizations.


utilIQ - Human Computer Interaction Project

There are currently many barriers to efficient utility usage, amongst which are a desire for convenience, an absence of personal responsibility and accountability, a lack of conscious thought about usage, and delayed feedback. Our design solution addresses these problems.

Pricing Elasticities

Pricing Data Science Project

As the PM and Data Scientist in a team of 3 consisting of Data Scientists and Economists, we used machine learning and data science techniques like LASSO, OLS, Double ML, and Random Forests to suggest actionable pricing changes for the firm. Applying the Lerner Index and own-price elasticities we determined optimal price markups. Tools used include: Python, R, Excel, and Tableau Desktop. Course can be found here.


Lyra 2 - Data Transforms

Implemented the sort data transform as well as the filter and formula data transform for the open-source interactive data visualization environment, Lyra.

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Python Interactive Console

Complete python interactive console with code completion, command line history, and user interface features. Built using AvalonEdit WPF-based text editor component, RPyC remote procedural and distributed-computing python library, and WPF project within Visual Studio 2013 Professional.

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University of Washington Campus Map

Java GUI program that uses Dijkstra’s algorithm to find the shortest path between buildings on the University of Washington Seattle Campus. Wrote unit, black-box, clear-box tests.

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Huffman Compression

Lossless data compression that uses a prefix tree.

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United States Tennis Association (USTA) Tournament Rating Platform

Led a software team in India to build a minimum viable product and worked with USTA employees

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Eagle Project

Built two planter boxes for my elementary school's science department.

Projects I've Contributed To

Lyra Open Source

Lyra is an interactive environment that enables custom visualization design without writing any code.

View on GitHub

Vega-Lite Open Source

Vega-Lite provides a higher-level grammar for visual analysis, akin to ggplot or Tableau, that generates complete Vega specifications.

View on GitHub

CompassQL Open Source

CompassQL is a visualization query language that powers chart recommendations in Voyager 2.

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